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Old Pueblo Gunfighters Club was established in 2010, however Cowboy Fast Draw has been around a long time...
What is Cowboy Fast Draw?

Cowboy Fast Draw shooting is a way for people, who enjoy the old west genre, to get together and experience the "Old West".  We take you back to the Gunfighter days when you are called out to the street at high noon to trade lead with the fastest lead slingers! Peruse the website and let us know  if you would like to come out and see what we're all about!  We will provide all the gear for people trying out for the first time!

Cowboy Fast Draw is one of the fastest growing cowboy shooting sports in the world.  Shooters dress in the 1800's period clothing and shoot .45 caliber western style single action pistols.  Instead of lead, we use shotgun primers with wax bullets.  Our targets have a light in the center that controls the action. When the light comes on, the shooters draw their pistols and shoot at the target while being timed to the thousandths of a second. We compete against other shooters for best time and hit accuracy. The target blinks on and off for the winner!
Our guns are real single action .45 caliber six shooters with a minimum barrel length of 4.5 inches just like the ones used in the old west; Although these guns are made for and can shoot live ammunition, we shoot a wax bullet propelled by a 209 shotgun primer - still quite a bang!.  Our holsters are pre-1900's style.

The Cowboy Fast Draw motto is always Safety first, Fun second and Competition third.  We are dedicated to creating a safe, fun and family friendly environment, so come out and experience life "The Cowboy Way".  We look forward to seeing you at our next event.  For more information please contact us or visit the Cowboy Fast Draw Association's official website at

The Old Pueblo Gunfighters Family

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